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Archive for the ‘Articole’ Category

An Oscar for the Pacient

Oscar for the Pacient
Inspiring Active Learning through Action Methods

by Irina Stefanescu

“I do what I like and I like what I do… every day” (Mary Poppins)


A business manager in a pharmaceutical company invited me on a November day into her office and said:

– I am organizing a symposium on epilepsy for our product reinforcement, I have arranged speakers and a festive dinner, and I thought I had done everything, but you know what several neurologists asked me yesterday? “Could you bring the facilitator we worked with last year in October as we remember that workshop as a very special one. We discussed a lot, we shared from our experience, we all had time to speak, there were some serious issues we focused on, and we had fun together!”

When I asked “How many participants?” her answer shocked me: “between 100 and 120”. This would be the first time I had worked with so many specialists, many of them considerably older than me. The workshop in October one year before had been with 40 participants. I took a deep breath and I started to interview her.


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2-3 iunie 2012

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